Kunsthalle Messmer Museum

Artists have always worked with illusions and deceptions, leading the viewer on thin ice, because the eye perceives faster than the brain can process it. Since the discovery of the camera obscura, many artists consider it a practical tool for transmitting sensory impressions. The Kunsthalle Messmer presents the exhibition "Fantastic Imagery", in which 27 internationally renowned contemporary artists show the variability of their own perception with more than 80 fascinating works. A colorful variety of the artistic genre of Pop Art and New OP Art, fine art photography and kinetics meet here. A playful manipulation of illusion and reality focuses the artistic representation of optical illusion. The sculptures of Francis Tabary, who originally gained fame as a magical legend, offer a challenge to the eyes and the mind. His works seem to float almost in weightlessness on their bases and at the same time bring a swing of lightness in rigid materials. The idea behind this is to break through the game with three-dimensionality and remove a fixed spatial structure. The moving art photographs of French artist Cécile Plaisance are provocative. The work of the winner of the largest photo competition in the world organized by PHOTO magazine in 2018 suggests both openness and intimacy. At the fore is the equality of women around the world, regardless of their religion, culture or dress. An aesthetic appeal to women to act and decide freely about their own body and appearance, but how exactly do the dynamics occur in color moving photographs? The lenticular process and the additive color mixing process reveal changing image patterns and thus bring not only movement in images, but also in ourselves. Japanese artist Yoshiyuki Miura takes us into a world of complete contrasts. His compositions, made of delicate, almost fragile materials, create an artistic form and unity. Shiki is ku and ku is shiki. Translated from Japanese Zen Buddhism: form is void and void is form. An artistic and playful presentation of a fluid transition from the fullness of the void. Our thoughts, emotions and feelings affect the water molecules in our body. Adrien Marcos' therapeutic sculptures broadcast luminous messages that affect our cells and our mind. Coded in brilliant binary language, it's about spreading love, freedom and compassion. The works of Friborg artist Joachim Kaiser play with optical perception. A world full of dynamism and movement is revealed to us. Using optical illusion effects, he manages to actively involve the viewer in the art scene. It is not the geometric shapes that play a major role, but the effect of color in its context and its dependencies. Based on strict calculations, the limited areas are placed side by side. The depth of image content and the vibration of geometrically aligned areas of color and color contrasts lead to vibrations and sounds that we can perceive visually. “Fantastic Imagery” allows an immersion in the world of the senses and takes us on a journey into surreal dream worlds. We are literally made aware of our own perception.