Our thoughts and emotions, what we feel and see, influence the structure of water molecules in our body, directly impacting our mood, as well as our physical and emotional health. Also frequencies, whether sound or light, coming from the earth's magnetic field or the rays of sunlight, are omnipresent in our lives and are essential to our balance. This relatively scientific introduction to Adrien Marcos work is necessary because he has an approach to art very far from the mainstream. Art can be visually pleasant or disturbing, leading the viewer on various journeys and reflections, but can also, according to Adrien, lead to well being or even healing, acting therefore as therapy. This is how Adrien creates so-called therapeutic sculptures, through the diffusion of words and messages coded in luminous binary language. His work can then come to life, expressing itself in elegant dances of light. An electronic system specially developed for this task allows the creation of light frequencies loaded with positive information for each artwork. No scientific study validates the operation of this method, but for the artist it does not matter: the important thing is to welcome this first intention, to let your mind play the game, combining art science and force of intention. Adrien creates artworks with shapes and designs that vary according to his inspiration, mainly derived from astronomy and nature. These two centers of inspiration are very different but have one thing in common: escaping the disturbances and stress of our society. According to the artist, it is in these places, preserved from all modern agitation, that man can reconnect with his original essence. These two predominant themes are found in the names of his artwork as well as in their design. Clean lines and volumes only subtly suggest these universes, letting the viewer, see the projection of the artist’s imagination through these relatively abstract works. But Adrien’s artistic approach remains the same: spreading messages of light that inform our cells and our mind.

Messages like love, peace, and serenity...

Born in France in the city of Montpellier in 1991, Adrien developed a passion for art and design very early on. From a very young age, he chose to devote most of his free time to painting figurines and making various mechanical and artistic objects. After graduating, he chose to study electronics and solid mechanics and then engineering in Paris, where his creativity, his vision of volumes and 3 dimensions could more naturally come true than in art school. After completing his studies, he decided to devote himself entirely to art and remained in Paris where he shared an artist's studio and during a year of research combining light, material and spirituality, he would forge his artistic identity. During that time, his first collection of "Triangle" murals came to life. These pieces were done completely manually, with precise cuts and assemblies, volumes carefully married to each other resulting in timeless, dynamic, and energetic compositions. The artist placed great emphasis on vibratory phenomena and force of intention, producing his works with great benevolence and love, carrying out each of the many stages of production in total connection with his art and humanity. This first collection is full of symbols, the elementary triangle shape referring to the idea of ​​spiritual awakening or even stability such as the great pyramids of Guizeh defying the ages. This first series of luminous works with an architectural style underlines his taste for design and will lead to the birth of his unique concept of language through light. Later, soon after settling on the French Riviera, he became fascinated by yachts, their perfectly balanced architecture and their air of freedom, floating silently on the horizon, out of time and societal turmoil. "Quazar" and "Path of Dreams" are respectfully and discreetly inspired by the curves and silhouette of yachts, becoming the first works of a new "Yacht Collection". One can also see in them a form of very organic, almost living nature, often referring to the idea of ​​the manta ray or see something spatial like a ship from another age transmitting its knowledge to us. The name Quazar, again, refers to the quasar, which is the most luminous entity in the observable universe